Sunday, October 21, 2012

a meaty mexican meal

Saturday was my second Mexican Supper Club.  Thirteen guests arrived in the rainy weather to enjoy my very meaty Mexican menu.

One of my guests, Selena, arrived with her camera and wrote a really lovely post about the evening... Have a look at her pictures and description of the evening here.

Nibbles: Guacamole

Canape: Prawns in Chipotle butter on Polenta

Soup: Oxtail Soup with Chipotle chile

Starter: Pork Tamales (savoury corn cakes stuffed with chile roasted pork) 

Main: Mole Poblano over chicken (a savoury sauce made of chiles, fruit, nuts, seeds, spices and a little bit of dark chocolate) with rice and beans

Dessert: Chocolate Chile Cake with Mexican Cinnamon Ice Cream

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