Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gran Luchito Mexican Pop-up at Bambuni

In January, I had the exciting chance to cook at the lovely Bambuni cafe in Nunhead south east London. The menu was designed around a delicious new smoky chile paste, Gran Luchito.

 Welcome drink: Paloma

 Nibbles: Salsa Fresca (pico de gallo) and Gran Luchito dip

 Starter:  Gorditas with Gran Luchito and Queso Fresco (fresh homemade cheese)
              Pork Tamales (savoury corn cakes stuffed with red chile pork)

 Main: Gran Luchito Arrachera (skirt steak) with guacamole, rice and beans

 Dessert: Chile Chocolate Cake with Mexican Cinnamon Ice Cream

The beautiful skirt steak was purchased locally at Drings Butcher in Greenwich.

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